Low Volume CNC Milling

Duplicate of CNC metal componentComplex, difficult or just urgent, we specialise in low volume CNC Milling. We have the latest state of the art machining equipment so your job can be completed quickly and accurately. We always deliver when you need it done no matter what the time frame you give us.
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High Precision CNC Machining

High Precision CNC team member at work

We are experts in the field of High Precision CNC machining were complicated mechanical parts need to be exact. We have the latest equipment so we can deal with the most demanding of jobs no matter what time frame. Our company prides ourselves on its fast response time.
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Case Studies

CNC Machining of Large Hydraulic Manifold The client required a large hydraulic manifold to be machined from a block of aluminium 1100 x 600 x 400mm. With the manifold needing to be machined to a high tolerance as a high level of accuracy was required by the client. The client already had the 3D CAD data for the manifold along with the manufacturing drawings. Read More

Electronics Enclosure This case study was from a client who was very specific about the requirements for this electronics enclosure for the exact positional tolerances. It was a challenging job and one we completed to perfection. Read More

High Precision Aerospace Fixture The case study for this job was for an aerospace part that was no longer available to purchase. We had limited information to go on, but once again we finished this job to a very high standard resulting in another happy customer. Read More

Mechanical Prototyping of a Fishing Reel The client for this case study had a new fishing reel concept that they wanted us to manufacturer so they could test it out before taking the design further. As the fishing reel had to be fully functioning we had many areas to design for the client so they could undergo further testing. Read More
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UK Based Precision Engineering

January 10th, 2022

UK Based Precision Engineering

Manufacturing in the UK began with the Industrial Revolution, leading to a rapid increase in innovative engineering technologies such as precision engineering. This article will discuss what it means and why you should work with a UK precision engineering firm. Precision engineering leverages computer programmes to define processes, fostering accuracy with the most detailed measurements. As a result, it can take on technological demandsRead More

What Does An Engineering Consultant Do?

November 11th, 2021

What Does An Engineering Consultant Do?

Probably the singular most asked question that every engineering consultant gets asked is precisely that; so, what does an engineering consultant actually do? It would appear this role is taken on by a wide range of specialist engineers acting only in advisory or overseeing capacities, but while that covers some of what we do - it’s not the whole story. We’re going to unpack whatRead More