Precision Aerospace Checking Fixture

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Custom Checking and Assembly Fixtures and Jigs

Precision Aerospace Checking Fixture

Precision Aerospace Checking Fixture

At Thompson Precision we regularly use our 3 Axis and 5 Axis machining capabilities and our focus on precision and speed to create component test fixtures, special gauges and assembly jigs for our customers.

We regularly machine bespoke testing fixtures and assembly jigs for customers in the aerospace, electronics and computing sectors. We can manufacture in a wide range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, tool steel, engineering plastics and more.

Once we’ve machined the fixture or jig to our high standards of precision and accuracy, it can be used to successfully repeat a complex procedure – they could be used to precisely hold components in place for assembly, or as a jig to accurately and quickly repeat a drilling or riveting process.

Our ISO 9001:2015 qualified Quality Management department can use Coordinate Measuring Machines to ensure parts are machined to drawing and can provide First Article Inspection Reports and full material traceability if needed.

Thompson Precision’s precision machining facility, coupled with the experience of our engineers, can machine components up to 2.5m x 1.5m x 1m dependant on the design and material. We can also offer design assistance, using our extensive machining knowledge and experience of producing precision jigs and fixtures for multiple industries over many years to help you overcome any design problems you may encounter.

Custom Jigs and Fixtures for Aerospace and Automotive Industries.

Precision Drill Jig For Helicoptor Armoured Crew Seat

Precision Drill Jig For Helicoptor Armoured Crew Seat

We have manufactured specialist jigs and fixtures for a wide range of industries, including Aerospace – these jigs and fixtures needed to be high quality, precision machined, with full traceability of materials. For our experienced engineers and quality management team, this was no problem.

We also regularly machine jigs and fixtures for the Automotive industry – these have to be long lasting, capable of withstanding the stresses of high-volume production, and delivered quickly. Similarly, any industry relying heavily on Automation will need hard-wearing, heavy-duty jigs and fixtures to cope with 24-hour use. Luckily, that is no problem for Thompson Precision – contact us today to see how we can help.

Jigs and Assembly Fixtures are often used in the Scientific and R&D fields – often these don’t need to stand up to the strains of constant use and can be made of a less hard-wearing material. This means it can be machined and delivered to even faster. If you are in a rush for your parts, why not try our Premium Service?

We can also provide a wide range of finishing services, from shotblasting to anodising and powdercoating, as well as precision masking, conversion coatings, Hard and Sulphuric Anodising, Electroless Nickel plating and more.

Perfect for holding accuracy on a production line or checking precision quickly and efficiently, custom checking and assembly fixtures can save you time and money. If you need a bespoke solution, contact us today.

With our fast turnaround service, we can machine precision parts in a matter of days. Get in touch today to see how quickly we could make your parts by calling 01277 365500 or emailing [email protected].