5 Axis CNC Machining of Complex Valve in 316 Stainless

Complex CNC Machining

5 Axis CNC Machining of Complex Valve in 316 Stainless

5 Axis CNC Machining of Complex Valve in 316 Stainless

High Precision Complex Part CNC Milling and Turning – Delivered at Speed

At Thompson Precision we excel at providing solutions for difficult to machine, complex parts in any material. We can offer this service for micro-machined parts up to large Machine from Solid components and castings.

Our speciality is working on complex projects that may have been turned down by other engineering companies; with our decades of experience and modern machining capabilities, we have the tools to solve any problem. We thrive on complex problems, so let us give you our fast and accurate quote to see how quickly we can machine your components.

Using 3 Axis vertical, 4 Axis horizontal and 5 Axis CNC Machining Centres, we specialise in machining difficult parts from common and uncommon materials including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Engineering Plastics and more. 5 Axis Machining allows complex parts to be machined in a single setup; this saves time and minimises the chance of inaccurate alignment when the part is moved, as well as reducing the need for complicated fixtures to hold the part at various angles.

Machining Services for a Wide Range of Industries

5 Axis Machining is particularly useful for Automotive, Aerospace or Medical parts due to the improved quality and finishing it provides. Parts that would otherwise need to be cast can be machined using 5 Axis Machining and can often be machined faster and more accurately. Many shapes that would have previously involved complex setups to machine can be easily milled using a 5 Axis Machining Centre, especially contoured faces.

Complex heatsink - CNC Machining Solid Aluminium

Complex heatsink – CNC Machining Solid Aluminium

Thompson Precision have the capability to machine large parts and complex base plates accurately as well as being able to manufacture detailed and intricate components with a high level of precision. We are constantly working on reducing lead times for large parts, allowing us to supply the highest-quality parts as fast as possible. If you need a complex part machined from a wide range of metals, we can help you with fast-turnaround, high precision solutions.

With the addition of our newest large capacity Horizontal 4 Axis CNC Milling Machine, we have the tools for almost any project. Horizontal Milling Machines can mill high volume parts faster and more efficiently. It also means we can mill larger, more complex parts faster than ever before. We can machine up to 1 metre cubed horizontal and 2.5 metre x 1.5 metre x 1 metre vertical and 5 Axis.

4 Axis Large Horizontal Machining from Solid - High Performance Electronics Enclosure

4 Axis Large Horizontal Machining from Solid – High Performance Electronics Enclosure

Mechanical designers are increasingly looking to create designs with fewer components and therefore need to get maximum performance from parts, driving the constant demand for more and more complex CNC machining. The demand for weight saving also drives the complexity of components. Our high speed 5 axis machining centres can efficiently remove all unnecessary material from a part allowing optimum designs to be created giving high performance components at the most economical cost.

If you need a quote on a project involving complex machined parts, send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 01277 365500.