Marine and Subsea CNC Machining

Large Horizontal CNC Machining from Solid 316 Stainless

Large Horizontal CNC Machining from Solid 316 Stainless

Thompson Precision machines high-precision, complex components from a range of materials using CNC Milling and Turning.

Specialising in Fast Turnaround, we understand the need for quality and speed when it comes to sourcing components and can machine urgent components in a matter of days. Contact us to find out how quickly we can complete your project. We hold a stock of different materials to ensure we can begin machining your project straight away.

Milling components from solid is often the fastest, strongest and most precise way of sourcing low-volume components, especially from non-standard materials – whether they’re nuts and bolts or complex engineered parts, the wrong material can be catastrophic for Marine components. Ensuring components are water and corrosion resistant is integral – and Thompson Precision can help. 5 Axis CNC milling machines have been important additions to our extensive machining plant list in recent years. We have machined complex shapes from solid carbon fibre for racing yacht keels which would have previously been near impossible to make. The maximum 5 Axis working envelope is 2500 mm x 1500 mm x 1000mm. Propeller profiles are ideally suited for this CNC machining method – especially for prototyping and development requirements prior to production. 5 Axis machining from solid material is usually a lot more economical than the pattern making and casting process where low volumes are involved.

Machining non-standard materials for the Marine Sector

Sub Sea Fibre Optics Connector Component - 5 Axis CNC

Sub Sea Fibre Optics Connector Component – 5 Axis CNC

We regularly supply our customers in the Marine Sector bespoke precision machined screws from non-standard materials, and we can help source these materials from our suppliers around the world. Similarly, our customers regularly require low-volume machining of custom enclosures, designed to protect and secure complex and sensitive electronics. Using precision machining, we’ve milled enclosures with heatsinks and precision mounting and fixing points, as well as many other required features.

Our design team, using Solidworks software, often work with our Marine Sector customers to solve engineering problems when creating complex components. Having machined precision components to be used in battle ships, submarines, aircraft and other safety-critical environments, we’re used to tight tolerances and critical dimensions. Contact us to find out how quickly we can use high-precision CNC Machining to manufacture your complex component – call us on 01277 365500 or email [email protected].