Precision Aluminium CNC Machining - Automated Machine Chassis

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Precision Aluminium CNC Machining - Automated Machine Chassis

Precision Aluminium CNC Machining – Automated Machine Chassis

We can provide rapidly CNC machined components from a wide range of hard-wearing materials, perfect for automated manufacturing systems and industrial robotic applications.

At Thompson Precision we work with all industries to provide rapid, precise CNC machined components for a wide range of sectors in the UK and abroad. One of the rapidly expanding sectors we work with is the Automated Manufacturing industry. Automated Manufacturing, or Automation, is the use of minimal human assistance; for example, a large-scale production facility with as many manufacturing roles as possible being automated. The use of automation was popularised by the automotive industry in the 1940s, to aid in the mass-production of vehicles. Today, industrial robots are extensively integrated into high speed manufacturing systems and have delivered a new standard in efficiency. High speed demands the most exacting levels of accuracy which can be achieved by our state of the art 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining equipment.

With advances in computer power and precision engineering, automation has become more and more refined, with incredibly intricate tasks being performed and checked by robots around the world. With necessary human intervention at a minimum, manufacturing facilities can run 24-7 with a skeleton staff keeping everything going. With this sort of constant use, reliability of the surrounding infrastructure is high-priority – that’s where Thompson Precision can help.

CNC Machining in a Range of Materials

High Speed 5 Axis CNC Machining

High Speed 5 Axis CNC Machining

We specialise in precision CNC machining from a wide range of materials, including hard-wearing Mild Steel and Stainless Steel – we also regularly machine aluminium, titanium, brass, engineering plastics and more. Hard-wearing materials are especially suitable for precision-machined base plates and long-life components, where machine down-time or component failure could be very costly.

With over 20 CNC Machining Centres, we strive to always keep a machine free for fast-turnaround projects, and we regularly hold stock in a wide range of materials, allowing us to begin your project immediately. For more information on the materials we hold in stock, contact us today – we also work with suppliers around the world, allowing us to get common and non-standard materials delivered quickly.

Design and Manufacture

We can assist with the design and manufacture of base plates, tooling, clamping jigs and other components to customise the parts to your individual requirements. High precision, attention to detail and high-speed service when needed are all guaranteed. We specialise in projects with a high level of difficulty and complexity utilising the latest 5 axis CNC machining, as well as metal and plastic 3D printing technology.

We offer a one-stop machining service, allowing designers and R&D engineers in Automated Manufacturing industries to streamline their procurement – we can source material, machine the part and perform any additional processes you require including painting, plating, polishing and much more.

For more information on how we can assist you with your next project using 3 and 5 Axis CNC Machining, talk to us today on 01277 365500 or email [email protected].