Medical Diagnostic Equipment Housing with Carbon Fibre Lid

Medical and Pharmaceutical CNC Machining

Medical CNC Machining Work

Medical Diagnostic Equipment Housing with Carbon
Fibre Lid

Thompson Precision machine metals and engineering plastics for a wide range of purposes for the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries, ranging from bespoke equipment for Research and Development to consulting on and manufacturing the low volume production of specialist medical equipment.

Working closely with our customers in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Prototyping industry, we provide a fast-turnaround service allowing us to quickly machine complex bespoke parts in a range of materials – companies have even supplied us with stock of their proprietary materials, allowing us to quickly provide them with prototypes to test.

Manufacturing Parts for the Medical Industry

We hold a stock of Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium and other metals in various grades for fast-turnaround parts – get in touch with us today to find out how quickly we can solve your machining problem.

Backed by decades of CNC Engineering expertise, our team will strive to ensure the highest precision possible for all components, while also aiming to get the completed component back to you as quickly as possible.

High Precision Component CNC Machined from Solid Stainless 316

High Precision Component CNC Machined from Solid
Stainless 316

We regularly manufacture parts for automated production systems, especially prototype, processing and packaging fixtures and components. Our design team can help ensure parts integrate smoothly into current systems and ensure the part is perfectly fit for purpose. We intimately understand the problems involved in design, development, prototyping and finally production of components and sub-assemblies for high speed and therefore often super high precision equipment. These high-speed production systems used for medical and pharmaceutical mass production rely from the ground up on high grade CNC machining throughout the process of initial design through to eventual production.

With more and more materials including engineering plastics and a wide range of metals becoming available for 3D Printing machines, combining CNC Machining with 3D Printing allows us to manufacture previously impossible parts quickly and efficiently. We endeavour to stay current with all new 3D Printing advances, to make sure we can offer our customers in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries the best solutions to their engineering problems.

With a wide selection of CNC Milling Machines, Lathes and additional services to offer, we’re confident that we can solve your most complex engineering problem quickly and efficiently. For more information on how we can help with your project, contact us on 01277 365500 or email [email protected].