large CNC milling

Large CNC Milling

Precision CNC machining of large-scale complex components from solid materials or castings.

Large Scale Horizontal CNC Milling From Solid – 316L Stainless Steel

At Thompson Precision our large capacity 5 Axis, 4 Axis Horizontal and 3 Axis Vertical CNC Milling Machines can mill complex 3D shapes in single blocks of material up to 2 metres x 1 metre x 1 metre. We also have the expertise to create much larger pieces using various material joining methods and workpiece manipulation techniques.

Dealing with the challenges of manufacturing large, high-precision CNC machined items is something we excel at, with a proven track record in handling such projects. If you have large CNC milling requirements, we welcome the opportunity to review them and provide a competitive solution within the shortest possible timeframe.

Efficient and Accurate Large CNC Machining

3 Axis CNC Milling for Difficult Large Components

To ensure efficient and accurate machining, we rely on cutting-edge software including Autodesk Powermill, Powershape, and Featurecam. With these tools, we can rapidly create 3D machining strategies and design fully interactive work holding fixtures, as well as multi-part machining concepts.

Our expertise extends to specialised areas, including precision milling of welded fabrications, automotive assembly fixtures, carbon fibre and GRP patterns, injection mould tooling and large hydraulic manifolds. Typically, our projects involve volumes ranging from 1 to 10 components, but we are also experienced in handling larger volumes.

Inspecting a High Precision Aluminium Vacuum Chamber

Large, machined pieces often require an innovative approach in regard to work-holding and CNC programming. By utilising the 3D CAD data provided by our clients or generated in-house using our SolidWorks design package, we can generate the required CNC code and incorporate essential holding clamps and special fixtures. This allows us to fully simulate the entire CNC machining process, significantly reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring cost-effectiveness even for one-off quantities.

 Large Aluminium Chamber – CNC Machining From Solid

Our approach not only maintains the fastest possible programming, setting, and machining time but also protects expensive raw materials from being scrapped due to errors, avoiding costly re-manufacture and downtime issues.

For high-quality CNC milling services in and around London, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to take on your most challenging projects and deliver exceptional results.