Complex CNC High Precision Bracket

Fast CNC Turnaround

Complex CNC High Precision Bracket

Fast CNC Machining Services – Quick Turnaround by Thompson Precision Engineers. For Complex Parts, Large and Small, Needed in a Hurry

Our typical turnaround time is just 5 days, but we understand that sometimes you need parts even faster. That’s why we offer expedited delivery options, with the possibility of receiving your parts in as little as 12 hours if necessary. This service is available for 5 Axis, 4 Axis, and 3 Axis CNC milled parts up to 2 metres x 1 metre x 0.6 metres, or multi-axis CNC turned parts – high precision and quality guaranteed.

Our Fast CNC Turnaround service is especially valued by clients engaged in product development and product testing, where speed is of the essence. Additionally, manufacturers and OEMs often turn to us when their own processes are overloaded or have failed, and they need a reliable and quick solution.

At Thompson Precision, we understand the pressures our clients face when they come to us for assistance. That’s why we treat every request seriously, providing quick responses and, most importantly, honest delivery times you can trust.

Our Fast CNC Machining Service

Fast Turnaround Complex 5 Axis CNC Part

Extensive Material Stocks: We maintain extensive stocks of commonly used engineering metals, plastics, high-density model board, and foams. This means there’s usually no waiting for material deliveries unless it’s something special or exotic.

Versatile Applications: Our fast CNC turnaround service isn’t limited to single components. We can also handle precision assemblies, tooling, fixtures, and moulds with the same speed and efficiency.

5 Axis CNC Machining Enclosure with Fast Turnaround

Rapid Design Assistance: We understand the challenges our clients face during the concept and design processes. That’s why we offer design assistance and problem-solving on a rapid basis. Our experienced team can help you avoid errors and ensure practical manufacturing considerations are not overlooked.

Hexagon CMM Quality Validation Using PC-DMIS Software

Transparent Communication: We believe in maintaining a smooth information flow between our clients and our team. We’ve heard stories from clients about past experiences with engineering and prototype suppliers who fail to keep their promises and avoid communication. At Thompson Precision, we take pride in our fast turnaround and rapid prototyping service, and we guarantee that you’ll never face such issues with us.

When you need CNC machining services you can rely on, with fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service, Thompson Precision is here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today for your urgent machining needs.