Fitting Helicoils to an Electronics Enclosure

CNC Machining for the Electronics and Computer Sectors

Fitting Helicoils to an Electronics Enclosure

Fitting Helicoils CNC Machining

At Thompson Precision we provide prototype parts and complex machined components to companies in the Electronics and Computing industries, ranging from bespoke enclosures machined from solid billets to prototype heatsinks and more.

We regularly machine aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium parts as well as engineering plastics and many more. We specialise in low volume machining of electronics and computer enclosures for a wide variety of OEM’s who need a bespoke solution within their products rather than an off-the-shelf solution. We can work at speed to help design and develop the perfect solution.

We appreciate that every project will have specific requirements and we are always prepared to tailor our service as required. We can offer valuable design for manufacture input to ensure that best practice is always applied throughout the CNC machining process – from design through to final production.

With over 20 CNC Machines with 3 or 5 Axis capability, we’re always ready to get started on your project. We hold a stock of most common materials and can often get started straight away – contact us today to find out how quickly we can undertake your CNC Machining requirement.

Fast Turnaround CNC Machining for the IT Industry

Our Fast-Turnaround services are often used to create prototypes and pre-production parts for the Electronics and Computing industries, and through our specialist partners we can provide finishes including precision masking, conversion coatings, Hard and Sulphuric Anodising, Electroless Nickel plating, Gold Plating and many more.

High Performance Prototype Electronics Enclosure and Heatsink Combined

High Performance Prototype Electronics Enclosure and Heatsink Combined

Thompson Precision regularly use precision CNC machining to create complex enclosures and components machined from solid billet – enclosures machined from solid billet have more strength, precise positioning for access ports and cut-outs, and can include machined features like mounting holes and heatsinks. Perfect for low-volume applications, machining parts from solid is often the best solution for speed, accuracy and strength.

Having machined precision enclosures for electronics to be used in battle ships, submarines, aircraft and other safety-critical environments, we’re used to tight tolerances and critical dimensions. Our skilled engineers are ready to machine the components for your electronics or computing project – contact us on 01277 365500 or email [email protected].