Mechanical prototype of fishing reel

Mechanical Prototyping of a Fishing Reel

Fishing Reel Mechanical PrototypeMechanical Prototyping was required to complete this clients project.

The new features in the fishing reel needed to out-perform the products already on the market. The client had a very clear idea of their requirements and relied on us to translate this into an effective mechanical design.

This was passed to our design engineers where they started working on producing a 3D CAD model of the prototype, this was done using our 3D CAD software, Solid Works. All the parts for the mechanism were then designed and assembled. From here the housing for the prototype could be easily designed to fit around the existing mechanism, with ease of manufacture a major factor in the design of each part. Our design and CNC engineers worked very closely with each other to ensure an easy and smooth transition from design to manufacture of the finished product.

Mechanical Prototyping exampleOnce the prototype was designed, manufacturing drawings were made for the parts to be machined. This is to provide our CNC engineers the information needed to manufacture the part and for our inspection department to inspect the part against the drawings. The CNC machining programmes were generated from the 3D CAD model. Each part was then fully inspected once manufactured, with all parts being assembled together to produce the fully operational fishing reel prototype.

Extensive Testing or Prototype

The prototype then underwent extensive testing, through big game fishing in Florida and was used to catch Marlins over 100 kilos.  We were very pleased with this finished product as was the client and more so with the size of the Marlins that were caught.