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High Precision Aerospace Fixture

High Precision aerospace image

High precision engineering hydraulic valve test and calibration fixture for Hawker Aerospace. The unit was commissioned because it was no longer available from the original manufacturer. The original 2D drawings were available but there was missing information with regards to the assembly arrangements.

To help determine this information our CAD team created 3D models of all the component parts which could then be assembled virtually to ascertain the correct function. Manufacturing then took place via CNC milling and CNC turning direct from the 3D CAD data ensuring the best accuracy in relation to the assembly. It was also very helpful as the key elements of the device were calibration marks which could be CNC machine engraved with much greater accuracy than would be available with traditional engraving.

Our precision engineers and inspection team then carried out a series of tests which proved that the device was functioning within the parameters required.

End Product resulted in Happy Client

High Precision image
As you can see by this job we had very little to work with but we were still able to produce the end product for the client who was more than happy with the results.  If you have a device that you thought would not be reproduced, then please get in contact as we have never come across a job that we could not complete to date.