What is large scale CNC Milling and what is it used for?

Monday, August 13th, 2018

large CNC milling

CNC Milling is the use of automated machinery to produce incredibly accurate models, prototypes and products. When we refer to large scale CNC milling, this simply means that the end result is, well, large! To produce these bigger projects, specialist machinery is required which often uses something called G-code to produce accuracy on a large scale.

Computerised mills are run on programmes and as such there is less human intervention required, these projects can be completed more quickly and some might say more accurately than completing by hand. You basically get the ability to produce on a very large scale, but with the same precision as smaller pieces. The other benefit of using this method is that should there be the need for more than one creation, computerisation allows you to produce as many identical pieces as you might like.

What is large CNC Milling used for

Large CMC milling is used in a wide variety of processes and for a large range of projects. It is often seen being used in the manufacturing of wood items, designer tyres and the drilling of woods, metals and plastics. One of the benefits being that the computer program can control the shape and size of any holes meaning that the drill can re-create the same complex structures again and again easily.

You can also see this being used for exhibition models, large prototypes in fact pretty much anything that requires a larger size. If you think that you may require large scale CNC milling for your project, we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements with you and together, decide on the best method, materials and type of process needed to ensure you get the very best results possible.

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