CNC Machining Case Studies

Stainless Steel Adjustable Foot

Using CNC Machining in the Design of Adjustable foot for stand
The Brief
To design and manufacture stainless steel feet for a stand using CNC machining, with the feet needing to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing with a polished finish. Read More

Precision CNC Machined Titanium Bolts

Precision CNC Machined Titanium Bolt The Brief
Our client required 300custom designed titanium bolts with very tight tolerances that would involve multiple CNC machining operations to complete. Read More

Precision Drill Jig for an Aircraft Seat

CNC Machining drill jig The Brief
Our client required a drilling jig for one of their aircraft seats, to allow them to accurately drill all the necessary holes. With the accuracy of the hole positions being extremely important. Read More

Large CNC Turning – Thatcher and Reagan Vase

Large CNC Machining - Thatcher and Reagan Vase The Brief
The client wanted two vases with the profile of a famous face machined into each vase and they were to have the cross section of the vase matching the profile of their face. The two celebrities they requested were Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. The client also required a short delivery time for the two items, which we managed to deliver using CNC Machining techniques in the requested time frame as per the clients instructions. Read More

CNC Machining Meets the Art World

CNC Machining Meets the Art World The Brief
After the successful completion of a large model plane produced by our sister company, that being J H May, the extremely satisfied client decided to commission the design and manufacture of a large snow globe depicting the full size model. Read More

Radar Radome CNC Machining

Radar Radome CNC Machining The Brief
The client required a model of their radar radome which was a new prototype that they were developing and required a model to be made. This was to display to potential clients of their own and a model to show how all the electrical components will fit within the radome. Once again the client was needing the finished model in a very short time frame which again we were able to complete for them, another happy customer. Read More