3D printing and how it is being used today

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Prosthetic Hand

Almost everyone has heard the news reports about 3D printing, particularly the exciting stories about being able to print out 3D limbs like arms, legs and hands.

With over 30 million people worldwide needing prosthetic limbs it is going to make a huge difference to many peoples lives. 3 dimensional printing has in fact been around for several years, but as you can see the technology is improving all the time.

3D printing: 18 Amazing Creations

Pretty much anything you want made into a 3D model is possible today. We have listed a few of the items that have been created using 3 dimensional printing.

  • A gun
  • Hand-made camera lens
  • Musical Instruments
  • Trophies
  • 3D figures created from children’s drawings
  • Famous face models
  • 3D medical models
  • I-phone 5 case and card holder
  • Toys
  • Architectural models
  • Hanging light shades
  • Coffee cups
  • Model replica of a vehicle
  • Engine parts
  • Model airplanes
  • Fishing Reel
  • Gaming pad
  • Security locking device

3D printing: advanced technology

3D printing is also being used to make components used for highly detailed machine parts. The RAF Tornado was flown after components were made using a 3D printer, parts which can be printed out again whenever replacements are needed, making it easy to get the pieces required when they are needed. Other researchers are working on printing out more complicated materials, including body parts and tissue, and even a replacement to soil which will help researchers to study the real thing.

Luckily at Thompson Precision we have had many years of experience with 3D printing so no matter what you are after, chances are we will be able to make it for you.