Reverse Engineering Case Studies

CNC Machining of Special Cash Draws

CNC Machined Cash Draw

Our client required several cash draws to be designed and manufactured for use within a train station. The draws would be fixed to a pin allowing it to swivel in and out under a desk, securing away or revealing the coins and pound notes stored within.
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Reverse Engineering Precision Gauges for Underground Trains

Reverse Engineered Gauge example
Thompson Precision excel in reverse engineering as shown with this client who required several of their safety critical gauges to be manufactured, even though they did not have any manufacturing drawings or 3D CAD data for the gauges. So we were required to reverse engineer each part and produce manufacturing drawings and 6 sets of gauges for the client.
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Out of Production Tube Train Component

Reverse engineered tube train component

This case study was from the London Underground who had run out of stock of a train part that was vital in the running of the trains.  With no original part available we had to produce this new part and drawings so they could continue to get more of these parts re-produced.
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