Controller Game Pad Design Project

Black Controller prototype imageFor this case study a 3D CAD model of the game pad was produced in Solid Works that fitted the clients’ graphical representation and size requirements. Constant communication between us and the client allowed for fast and accurate design of the game pad. With the game pad still in the design stage several concepts were required by the client.

The concepts were modeled in Solid Works as separate assemblies with the 3D CAD data of each concept sent to the client. Each concept was then finalised and a scale model of each game pad was produced using SLA rapid prototyping to give to the client. This allowed them to quickly and easily test the prototype to match certain needs and feedback any iteration required.

The Final Stages

The final design was then broken down into its individual components and individually SLA rapid prototyped. This manufacturing process was chosen due to its fast lead times and accurate production. The parts were then painted and hand finished by our model makers, assembled together with printed graphics stuck on to finish the game pad.

Finally a case for the game pad was designed and manufactured. Using our 3D CAD software Solid Works the case was designed around the 3D CAD model of the game pad while also being optimised for CNC machining and hand finishing.

Once the design for the case was finished it was then past onto manufacturing. From here it was imported into CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Software Delcam and manufactured from clear acrylic using our CNC Machines. It was then hand finished achieving the accuracy and quality required to meet and surpass the clients’ high expectations.

Article Name
Case Study, game pad design project
We were delighted to be asked to get involved in this design project to develop a game pad.